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wSIMBAT (Wireless Simulation Battage Tester)

Patent No. : 10-0852256 / ZL 2006 1 0145296.1

Applications / Uses / Features
  • Applications and Uses

    The SIMBAT tests are research of soil’s elastic reaction, joint-film reaction, destructive reaction, and destructive adhesion reaction, that is, soil parameter research, and were developed to predict the change from dynamic reaction to static reaction through the test, comparing static and dynamic loading capacity with the change of various soils in many model piles, actually.

    SIMBAT method was used pile loading tests of all rail road of T.G.V.
    SIMBAT is newest method ended the error range of of USA’s ASTM D4945 (American Standard Test Method)
    The method is widely used in the worldwide including USA and Europe.
    This method offers considerable advantages in term of speed and cost.
    SIMBAT method is perfect to obtain the pile carrying capacity and very useful method can be used widely.

    The method for using Dr. Smith’s wave equation also was starting to come out problems, this formula, namely, the method used by substituting drop hammering formula for bearing capacity is not difficult in application of the simple P.C, PHC pile, etc., but it has big problems as the possibility of the trust on large diameter cast-in-place pile of the big unit square measure developed these days and foundation body including various soil.

    Namely, it is difficult to understand the loading test accurately as the falling wave velocity into the pile by established accelerator meter or pile and as the measured deforcement ratio by strain gauge. This method is possible for the certain investigation in falling compressive wave, but not in rising elastic wave.

    Move and more the numerical value of the rising elastic wave is different by the pile mobility of side friction from the reaction of soil, the distribution of the rising and falling wave from many experimentations is applied in the formula of wave transmit distribution on back pile. The value of the side friction mobility of pile, the value of displacement of different soil each other, the value of dynamic displacement of ground, namely, Rdy = F (free rising pile) - F (real pile) is got all from the real pile experimentation of 100's. And for making the possibility of trust high, another instrument, namely, as composing strain location by the electric theodolite possible 10-4 measured with the accelerated meter, removes errors of rising, falling velocity caused by various soil.

  • Features

    Measuring equipment for load capacity of piles

    Acquiring test results of static and dynamic load test at once with dynamic load test

    Measuring the static load capacity with efficient costs

    Theodolite identifiable up to 20m by LED light

    Possibility to measure the instant settlement and estimate permanent one

    Measuring the friction of vertical & gradient pile and reaction of the ground

    Possibility to check the load capacity in real-time

    Possibility to test bearing capacity of inclined piles

    Possibility to test friction piles

  • Overall dimensions


  • Weight


  • System

    Sampling : 25kHz, 16 bit

  • Sensor

    Accelerometer : 1mV/G, Maximum 5000G

    Theodolite : measuring distance (5~20m), measuring displacement span (200mm), sampling frequency (1kHz)

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